White Pearl Skin Suit (Steven Universe)

Become the eye candy of your crew with our new photo-realistic skin suits!


No longer worry about body paint smearing or cracking, and no longer worry about matching stockings – Cosplay your character in style with color-accurate skin suits of your favorite characters! Whether you’re uncomfortable showing skin or want to cut down on the time it takes applying bodypaint, these detailed skin suits will keep you cosplaying in style.


Featuring bodywrap bodysuit patterning techniques – fewer seams for a more realistic appearance! Remember – Cosplay Candy only uses genuine bodysuit patterning techniques in making patterns to ensure an easy sew and clean fit.
*All products sold on Cosplay Candy Costumes are digital patterns, not a fully printed and sewn costume. You can get these printed and sewn from sites like HerosTime, ZentaiZone, and many more, or purchase just the fabric from sites like FabriconDemand and Spoonflower.